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John's 7 Low Hanging SEO Fixes for busy Founders (Part 2)

Here's John approach in a nutshell:

  1. Meta Title/Description Optimization:

    • Use Google Keyword Planner to find low competition keywords.
    • Insert 2-10 relevant keywords into meta title, description, and hero section (h1/h2/p).
  2. SSR (Server-Side Rendering):

    • Check if your website has SSR by copying a string from the homepage and searching for it in the page source.
    • If not found, consider implementing SSR to ensure visibility to Google.
  3. Canonical URL Tag:

    • Add a canonical URL tag in the head section of your pages to avoid duplicate content issues and consolidate page ratings.
  4. Redirects:

    • Ensure links use final URLs to avoid unnecessary redirects.
    • Be mindful of trailing slashes and use of "www" in domain URLs.
  5. HTML Semantic:

    • Maintain proper HTML semantic structure, using H1, H2, and P tags appropriately for content.
  6. Interlinking:

    • Ensure each page has at least one or preferably two incoming links.
    • Interlink articles with similar content for better SEO.
  7. Sitemap Submission:

    • Submit your sitemap to Google via Google Search Console (GSC) and verify that it includes all pages.
  8. Address Unindexed Pages:

    • Check Google Console for unindexed pages and take action to resolve issues.
    • Consider using tools like IndexRusher to analyze and improve SEO health, providing clear instructions for optimization.

John is Building a set of SaaS stack tools to benifit any SaaS soloprenuer

UnicornPlatform - AI website builder that helps to quickly create websites without design or development skills for SaaS, Apps, Directories and more

ListingBott - A tool to list your product on 100+ directories with a single click.

IndexRusher - Index Pages & Get Indexed by Google ASAP

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