Ayush K.

Ayush K. helps tech founders and organizations create compelling content with Writing Aid.

Ayush K.@ WritingAid shares a tweet on exactly his growth hack helped him achieve 300+ followers and he gained 600$ in revenue

Ayush K. 3 simple hacks on how he grew his Twitter account:

  1. Value-driven Comments:

    • Started with random commenting.
    • Growth in followers only seen when comments provided value to individuals.
  2. Helpful Posts:

    • Initially wrote tips for copywriting.
    • No views or engagement when followers were < 200.
    • Shifted focus to posts offering direct value like free roasts and tips.
  3. Sharing Milestones:

    • People enjoy engaging with those who show continuous growth and effort.
    • Sharing even small milestones fosters connection and engagement.

Ayush works on WritingAid where he helps tech founders and organizations create compelling content. He also shares his journey on Twitter. Worth checking him out!