Marketing guide

Learn how to do marketing for your product, the solopreneur style.

Why is marketing important?

Marketing is important for many reasons. To increase traffic, leads, sales, brand awareness, and many more.

Here Danny Postma shares how important marketing is.

Here are some reasons why marketing is important.

  1. Because with traffic we can get more leads and sales.
  2. We can run experiments on the incoming traffic to improve the product.
  3. Get more eyeballs and feedback from the customers.

How marketing has helped others?

Marketing has helped a lot of people to grow their business. Here are some examples.

The legend Marc Louvion himself earned $56,000/month through Shipfast a next JS boilerplate code with the help of marketing!

What are the different ways to do marketing?

We can do marketing in different ways.

  1. Free tool marketing aka side-project marketing (Marc Louvion, Dan Kulkov, Sveta Bay)
  2. Content marketing with writing blog posts for your product.
  3. Social media marketing with Facebook Ads , Twitter, and Instagram.
  4. Email marketing, and many more.

Creativity is the limit for marketing. So let's learn from the best on how they did it.

In the following guide, we discuss the profiles of successful solopreneurs who cracked marketing and the tips they shared in their #buildinpublic journey.

Next steps

List of profiles we have for marketing by solopreneurs

Free tool Marketing

Free tool marketing often called as side project marketing is a method to increase traffic for your primary products or get leads.


Marketing on Reddit

Use various subreddits to do your research, get feedback and market your product.


Dan Kulkov

Solopreneur who's into marketing product, the solopreneur style.


Sveta Bay

Solopreneur who Share's learning from her startup journey and insights on marketing.


Nico Jeannen

Solopreneur who learned to code in 2 months, made 17 apps in 10 months & sold one for $65,000.


Marc Louvion

Solopreneur building,, and more